There is no secret that my life is a roller coaster. I’m spontaneous, restless and energetic. Sometimes that gets the best of me, while other times it makes me accomplish extraordinary things.

This summer I sort of hit rock bottom. I had big plans for my future, both business wise and family wise. I got a big punch in my face where all my plans washed away with my tears. Also one of the reasons I took a break from blogging. I felt that my world was falling apart around me and really struggled to find hope.

In the middle of my anger, sadness and frustration a fire lit up inside of me. The long awaited fire I always look for when I’m down. I got up and decided to not give up and instead find a different road to reach my goals.

Since the summer I’ve started two companies. One in Norway for my online business, which is not always exciting, but paying the bills. And one here in Tenerife which is very exciting!

I have been taking courses for months now and I’m finally a qualified permanent makeup artist. Very proud! But I didn’t stop there and went straight on with more education. Now I’m soon done with the latest and will be able to offer meso therapy and filler injections after New Years. I’m not sharing my future goals just yet, but I can say that 2017 will bring a lot of news!



So in 4 months I changed my life. I went from quitting my job to running two companies all by myself, still being a full time student, a model and here alone with my two girls. Yes, I’m bragging! Not something I do very often, but I have worked so incredibly hard for this and I made it.

I have two reasons for sharing this:

1. I’m proud!

2. I hope that someone might find a little fire within themselves and find their way like I did! It’s never too late to move forward.

Check out my beauty page to see my beauty work! You can also follow me and my chaotic life on Instagram and Facebook.


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