Christmas – religious and cultural war

Yes, I said it. Christmas is losing its glorious purpose of bringing loved ones together by hate. Our beliefs and traditions are turning into a religious and cultural war.

I grew up in Norway, a christian country. I’m not religious myself, but my tradition includes baby Jesus and Christmas songs about Virgin Mary. We celebrate the birth of Jesus, and although I don’t believe it, the Christmas celebration is a big thing to me.

My kids are growing up in Spain. Here they celebrate Christmas completely different with Three Kings Day. They don’t believe the same as in Norway, they sing different songs in school and have different traditions. For me it’s important that my kids are a part of that.

Every day this time of year I read in the Norwegian news that the kids are not allowed to sing the traditional songs in school, because it offends the kids from other religions. Why? There is nothing offensive, it’s simply a different belief.

When living in Spain I respect their ways. I try to engage in their traditions and be a part of the society. I bring my traditions with me. For me it’s important that my kids know where they come from, that they keep our traditions, but also become a part of the Spanish traditions. I can absolutely not expect Spain to change their religions, beliefs or traditions because it’s not according to how I was raised.

What on earth is wrong in Norway? They are so obsessed with not offending anyone that the natives lose their traditions and beliefs, simply because they are no longer allowed to do anything their way. We talk about respect, racism, discrimination and so on. What about our own? We are discriminating ourselves.

No matter where we go, what we believe or what our traditions are – we should have the freedom to be who we are. And nobody should feel offended by what others believe.

Encourage each other to pass on their traditions, to respect and love each other and find the Christmas spirit. If you don’t like how it is where you are, it’s simple – go somewhere else.

Merry Christmas everyone!




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