Reunited at last

A place is just a place. People are just people. But the people is what makes a place feel like home.

For a long time Tenerife didn’t feel like home, even though I had my boyfriend, kids and friends here. Tenerife is that kind of place where people come and go. So many has left, but now they all seem to pop back.

For me this is home. I have so many incredible people around me that I see as family – thank you for always being here!

But there is also one special friend that I haven’t seen for a year who just recently came back. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am to have this girl back on the island!


Meet one of my very best friends, Tabira!

She has only been back for a couple of weeks, but it feels like she never left. We can talk about absolutely everything together and I love how we are on the same level of craziness.

Since we didn’t get to spend New Years together this year, we decided to do a late celebration. Properly dress up, have a nice dinner and spend the night dancing and drinking champagne. What an amazing weekend! I’m still exhausted.

I have been so incredibly busy these past few months, I’ve been stressed and tensed and had too much to worry about. Finally I feel more at ease and I’m looking so much forward to see what this year has to offer. And the best part? Tabira will be here for the rest of the year!



No time to rest

I guess it’s time to blog again. I haven’t been very good at it lately. Life has just been a bit too stressful.

I love Christmas, New Years and the holidays. 2016 was a bit different. I never really got the proper Christmas feeling. Not all the people I wanted here was here and I worked all Christmas. Actually I didn’t even get to see the fireworks this time. How was your celebration?

I usually plan my work well, so I can take certain days off. But! About a month ago I had an accident and hurted my hand badly. Hurted hand means no chance for me to work. I couldn’t even move my finger. Bet all of you are wondering what happened now? Oh gosh, so embarrassing!

I guess there’s no secret that I’ve got a bit too much clothes. I have a full wall wardrobe with four big sliding doors. The problem with sliding doors is that if the wardrobe gets too full, the doors get stuck and jump out of their tracks.

So, early morning, stressing, just out of the shower while the kids are having breakfast. 30 minutes until we have to leave for school. I need clothes, but the door won’t move because it jumped out of track again. Angry and stressed I pushed it with all my power. It decided to jump back into its track faster than I planned and I smashed my hand between the door and the wall.

I’m sure I woke up the whole neighborhood. You think being in labor hurts? Hell no! I couldn’t stand on my feet, I screamed so loud that my daughter started crying as she never heard me yell that loud. I felt sick and somehow got to the bathroom. Putting my hand in cold water only seemed to make it worse.

25 minutes and several painkillers later with a double sized hand I managed to get my widest pants on and stand up. Luckily I have the most responsible 6 year old in this world, who finished lunch boxes, packed their bags and dressed herself and her sister.

Well, I got them to school and managed to pick up both them and takeaway that day, but that was all. The pain was unbearable. Luckily no bones were broken, just some liquid thing in two of my joints. Managed to get an inflammation on top too. So no work for two weeks. Sick leave doesn’t exist in my world – Not done yet? Get it done!


I still struggle with my hand, but at least I’m able to work. Now I have a few more days working at home with my girls before school is back on. Happy New Year!