Animal rescue

I have always loved animals, probably a little above average. I’ve had pets my whole life and I find them calming.

Back in Norway we’re not used to street dogs or wild cats. We buy by the brand, a clean breed. There is nothing wrong about that.

Here in Tenerife it’s very different. There’s not many street dogs to see in the touristic areas, but not because there aren’t homeless animals. I will say it’s thanks to all the refugee organizations. There are so many different organizations and they do everything for the animals.

Another great thing here is that it seems more natural to people to rescue a homeless animal, than to buy a puppy/kitten. Most organizations don’t just give away the animals, it’s usually some kind of fee. I think it shows a lot of good hearted people.

When we first came here we adopted a cat from one of these organizations. We could have gotten one for free anywhere, but I wanted to give the refugees a chance. Unfortunately the cat died after about a year. My girls were devastated and there was no doubt in getting another one.

There was also no doubt in taking a new refugee from one of the organizations. This time a very small kitten. She’s now about 4 months old and well settled with us.

Since we finally have a permanent living situation here and got permission to get a dog, we decided to give it a go. I wanted to get a puppy to train and becides, who doesn’t want a cute little puppy?

And then I saw Chucky. A french bulldog, 8 years old with heart worm and uncertain to survive. Friends and family are asking what on earth I’m thinking. Why get an old dog that might die within weeks whilst having two kids?


Look at him?! Could you say no?

He might not survive, but he’s a friendly and loving dog who deserves a chance. Even if it might be a short “rest of his life” we’re gonna make sure he gets the beat for however long that is.

He is calm, well raised and so good with kids. No matter what my girls are doing, he follows. He sleeps with them, watches movies with them, goes to the park with them and plays with them. We couldn’t ask for a better dog.


I think it’s important that my girls learn that everyone deserves a chance, human or animal, old or young. They should also get a healthy look on death. When their cat died I told the full truth. Now they are aware of Chucky’s state, they know he might not survive. But they will love him for as long as he lives. They will cry when he’s gone, but they will always know that they did good and gave him a chance and a good end.

I think this is something everyone should learn from. My daughters had a choice, they could choose a puppy instead. They knew all the facts and they still wanted to give him a chance. If two little girls can think like that, can you?




To be honest, I never really liked kids. Still don’t actually, with a few exceptions. But I love being a mother, even though it’s crazy! It’s complete chaos in every situation.

I’m a very spontaneous person, so the planning was the biggest change in my life. It still is. I’m still spontaneous, but at a completely different level. And now that my boyfriend is away for the summer I’m really getting the taste of life as a single mother and the puzzle of the daily hours is a bigger challenge.

People talk about all the sacrifices, that you have to grow up and can’t do whatever you want or be whatever you want anymore. I have never seen it that way. Yes, it’s more difficult to jump on a plane and just go somewhere, go out late at night or just say yes to an extra hour at work.

But I still feel like me and I still feel free, even more than before I had my little girls. I can still go out once in a while, I still do what I want, but I think what I want in life changed with their lives.

For example, I stopped drinking when I had them. I can still have a glass or two, but I haven’t been drunk even once since my birthday 7 years ago. Not because I see it as wrong to get drunk when you have kids or because I don’t want the hangover with them the next day. I simply don’t see the joy in it anymore. I still love to go out and dance through the night, but I can do that sober.

Sometimes I think people are overthinking. It’s too much pressure, too high expectations. The most important for me is that my girls are happy. And in order to be happy they need the basics (food, clothes, education etc), they need love and confirmation, but they also need to know what’s right and wrong, rules and limits every day. And I think I’m doing good!

I believe manners, moral and compassion are the most valuable characteristics in people and we should all have more of it. And I try to teach mine that.

I have two very polite, helpful and respectful little girls. Of course they have their outbursts, bad days and are testing limits, but they know right from wrong and at the end of the day that’s what’s important. The fact that they say “sorry” without being told to, says more about their moral than calling someone “stupid” during an argument.

Long distance relationship

As you know, my boyfriend is gone for the summer. So how do we make it work?


The beginning was the easiest. We still knew the dates we were going to see each other. With both of us working it gets more difficult. He has been gone for three months now, but we have still not been apart for more than a few weeks at a time.

When he left it was weird at home, with all the extra closet space and few traces of him. I was scared half to death and expected this distance to be a whole lot worse than it turned out to be.


But yes, it is difficult! Nobody there when you come home, watching movies without the beloved cuddling, the quietness, the constant checking of phones and texts. I don’t think I will ever feel completely comfortable with this situation. Yet, these three months have been flying.

I have always said that long distance relationships never works. Well, maybe I was wrong. It’s nice waking up to a “good morning” text, although I miss waking up to his face and his arms wrapped around me. Facetime is all of the sudden the most important app that ever existed in my life.

I think it’s essential that we stay involved. Ask about each others days, take part of each others lives, knowing what the other person is doing and always make time for calls and texts. Because when that stops is when we start drifting. Our lives becomes separated and what we have together turns out to be limited.


October is still far away and we have a long way to go. What happens then is still uncertain.

We need to have faith. We need to believe. And we can’t give up. We won’t give up. Hope is a strong feeling, and what keeps me going. I keep myself busy to make time go faster and it works.

I will keep hoping, keep fighting and keep believing that our future together is coming. And even on the hardest days there is nothing inside if me even willing to taste the thought of any other option.

School vs work

During my time here in Tenerife my boyfriend has, as you know, been working long days in tourism. Meanwhile I´ve been home studying. I´ve taken a year with crisis management, risk analysis, danger plans and so on. Very interesting, and I passed the school year after hours and hours of reading. I´ve been lucky as I was able to do everything online.


I believe there is no better way of studying than doing it under a blue sky in front of the pool, in the shades on the terrace or with the calming noise of the sea in the background. Sometimes I need to pinch myself in the arm, wondering if this amazing life is really mine.

I love learning new things and to study, so I decided to start a new bachelor. I´m currently on my first year of International relations, which includes politics, state history, terrorism, etc, and I can´t put my books down. With everything going on in this world, it could not be more interesting. There is so much cruelty and so much that completely shocks me, but it´s definitely important knowledge.

I will probably spend the rest of my life studying, but enough about that and over to my job.

I recently started working after 1,5 year at home. I work 30 hours a week for an amazing company, Avalon. Avalon is there to inform the community about the funeral system here in Spain, and to help people out of this system offering free
advice and funeral plans.


My job is to talk to the people, find out how much they know of the system, check if they have anything in place for themselves and make sure they get all the advice they need. It can be long days, but I meet so many lovely people and it feels great helping them.

It feels good being back to work. I´m in a great team and it´s nice to get more out of the house, having something other to go to than the beach or the pool (yes, you can actually get tired of that, believe it or not)! It makes me appreciate the time at home a lot more. Of course, to manage kids, school and a job takes a lot of energy, but I love the hectic days!



Do you remember I said we´re partly here? Let me explain.

My boyfriend works with a travel company and therefor works seasonally. We started off with a winter season here in Tenerife. It was supposed to only be 6 months, but we fell in love with this place and were lucky enough to get another year.

So, after the second winter and some holiday, a new summer season is coming up. So is my boyfriends promotion, which includes 6 months on a different destination. What to do? Should I go with him with the kids or not?

After lots of worrying, search for possible solutions, talking and reflecting, we decided that the best option for us all is for me to stay here with the girls. They have their lives here, school, friends. After all, we can make 6 months apart, right?



So here we are, partly, 3/4. Hopefully my love will be sent back to us for the winter, and if not I guess I will have a few more stories to share of our crazy non traditional lifestyle.

Two little beauties

It´s time for me to introduce my beautiful little girls.

Amelia Marie is turning 6 this year. She´s a confident, outgoing and smart little girl. A real life princess, always loving to dress up and get mum´s makeup on. If she sees a camera she will pose directly.

You wouldn’t believe how much patience a 5- year old can have until you met her. She has an eye for the details and art, and has big dreams for her future. Currently she wants to be a fashion designer and already makes drawings of dresses that I personally would love to wear! She´s the kind of girl that walks in the store gasping “Oh my gosh, mum! You just have to get this”! Yes, it´s gonna be an expensive child eventually.









And then we have the little monkey, Emine Noela. She´s turning 4 this summer and she´s already a real diva. She´s confident and stubborn, and really knows how to work your nerves. She´s the most charming girl I have ever met and she uses that to her advantage. I can’t even count how many times a day she looks at me with big blue eyes “Pleeeease”? It´s nearly impossible to say no to her.

Emine is a real drama queen, always pretending to be Baby Elena, Princess Fiona or a teacher named Elsa, which is her favourite characters lately. Everybody who meets her says she´s gonna be an actress. She´s always putting on a show and loves making people laugh.



My girls are best friends and very addicted to each other. They are supportive and caring, never leaving each other out of the games. But yes, they can also be each others worst enemies.

I have two unique, very different little girls that rules my world. They´re making every single day a gift, and I couldn´t be more proud of them. I love being a mum with everything that comes with it!

Mum Abroad

About 1,5 years ago I met my beautiful boyfriend. He was working in Turkey at the moment, and I was there on a three months holiday with my lovely two daughters. I had recently ended the relationship with the father of my kids and were most definitely not looking for any new relationship.

For him it was love at first sight. Me, on the other hand, needed some convincing. Every single day for a few weeks he was begging to offer me a drink, take me for dinner, give him my number or the very least sit down with him for a little while. All he got back was simply “No”.

He caught my interest already the first day, but I decided to keep my distance. I was flattered by his efforts and admiring his persistence, and step by step falling without even realising.

One day I finally agreed to sit down and have a drink with him. My interest kept growing the more I realised what a great person he was, and within the next few days we kissed for the very first time. It was the kind of kiss that blows your mind, where you lift your feet and time just stops. All the sudden the only thing in this world was the two of us.

From that moment I was head over heals in love with this man, a kind of love I never knew existed, and that feeling has never faded. 9 days together was all we had left. Our love grew deeper and although all odds were against us, with my visa running out, my life in Norway and his job, we had to take the risk.

One month later he visited in Norway and we decided to move to Tenerife together the next month. And so we did, and here we are. Well, partly, but that´s a story for later.




Welcome to my blog! I will share some of my stories from the past, some of those yet to come, my ups and downs and how life abroad is for a small town girl from Norway. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me.