There is no secret that my life is a roller coaster. I’m spontaneous, restless and energetic. Sometimes that gets the best of me, while other times it makes me accomplish extraordinary things.

This summer I sort of hit rock bottom. I had big plans for my future, both business wise and family wise. I got a big punch in my face where all my plans washed away with my tears. Also one of the reasons I took a break from blogging. I felt that my world was falling apart around me and really struggled to find hope.

In the middle of my anger, sadness and frustration a fire lit up inside of me. The long awaited fire I always look for when I’m down. I got up and decided to not give up and instead find a different road to reach my goals.

Since the summer I’ve started two companies. One in Norway for my online business, which is not always exciting, but paying the bills. And one here in Tenerife which is very exciting!

I have been taking courses for months now and I’m finally a qualified permanent makeup artist. Very proud! But I didn’t stop there and went straight on with more education. Now I’m soon done with the latest and will be able to offer meso therapy and filler injections after New Years. I’m not sharing my future goals just yet, but I can say that 2017 will bring a lot of news!



So in 4 months I changed my life. I went from quitting my job to running two companies all by myself, still being a full time student, a model and here alone with my two girls. Yes, I’m bragging! Not something I do very often, but I have worked so incredibly hard for this and I made it.

I have two reasons for sharing this:

1. I’m proud!

2. I hope that someone might find a little fire within themselves and find their way like I did! It’s never too late to move forward.

Check out my beauty page to see my beauty work! You can also follow me and my chaotic life on Instagram and Facebook.

Weekend out

I’m not really a party animal. I barely drink or go out. For many reasons, but mainly my kids. I hardly do anything without my little monkeys. And they hardly do anything without me.

This weekend has been a real party weekend for all three of us! My girls have been to two different sleepover parties, while I took the opportunity for some girly drinks out with my best friends.


We literally danced the night away and completely lost track of time after a lovely dinner on Friday. There’s no secret that my best friend Kelly and I love a glass of champagne. But with our average mummy-lives we woke up with lack of sleep, headache, grumpy kids that also didn’t get enough sleep, blisters on our feet and sore muscles like we had been to a heavy workout session. Conclusion? All worth it!

Since my little girls went straight on to their next party I got to sleep all day. Also something that basically never happens! I decided to take another night out, a short one this time, with several birthday parties and good friends.

I love to dress up, go out and dance, see friends I haven’t seen in months and simply do something that for me is a rarity.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend so much fun!

I am back to work, my own business that I will share some more about within the next few days. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


I haven’t been blogging for months – for good reasons. Although there’s still a lot of secrets, I feel that I can finally share most pieces of my life freely.

There has been so many changes since the last time I blogged that I have been arguing a bit with myself on where to start. Next week you can read about my brand new business in Tenerife – Camilla Sorum Beauty.

But today I want to share some news that has just been released on this beautiful day!



Photo: Liquid Surface

I am now one of the models under the management of Sammy Gold Banus!

We have already done a few events together and it has been great fun. I have to admit that I never saw myself as a model or even as a person with that potential. But over the past few months I have done a few events and a bunch of photoshoots, and it turns out that I love it.

Mr. Gold and me had a meeting earlier this week and last night the last pieces of the puzzle was put together. Now I´m looking forward to all the new projects he is bringing with him. Please check out my portfolio with my management.

I want to thank everyone who has participated for believing in me and making this possible – I couldn’t do any of this without you!

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Time out

It’s with a heavy heart I have decided to take a time out. 

Due to unexpected circumstances I can’t continue the publicity. I will take a break from my blog, and my Instagram and Facebook will be private from today until further notice.

I hope that all my followers will be patient and understand this choice although I can’t share the reasons at this point.

Thank you all for your support and friendly comments and messages! 

Until next time

Turn it around

I’m the kind of person who believe in balance. If there’s too much good stuff happening I can’t relax, because I’m convinced something bad is coming. Until this day I have never been wrong.

Good comes with bad, and bad comes with good. That’s how I see it.

Whenever the bad happens, I get angry, frustrated, depressed and think my world is coming to an end. I’m not a nice person to be around in these moments. Not with the small stuff, obviously, but my life has a tendency to have big swings, big ups and downs. And when good comes, I always keep an eye out for the bad I know is coming.

But then I have my good habits. These “downs” comes shortly. For those who have been following me for a while knows how I worry and have solutions for absolutely any possible outcome of pretty much everything. I go into a shell of myself, I cry, I panick. It usually lasts for a few hours before my anger and stubbornness kicks in.

That’s when my real process start. That’s when I start thinking that this bad is a good thing. It’s weird in a way. I think I’ve had a different level of difficulties in life than most people, and to be honest: The bad has every single time turned my life to something better.

I start thinking about how this bad will affect my life. What can I do to change it? Maybe the bad can’t be changed. If it can’t, what can I do to solve it? Maybe a new direction? Maybe a huge change? What do I need to sacrifice to get where I want? What do I really want?

After approximately a day like this, I usually have a solution for every possible outcome.

Yesterday I got some very unexpected, and very bad news. The world was falling apart around me, and I don’t think my boyfriend enjoyed coming home to my lovely mood. I kept working my head around everything, slept bad and got up with a bad mood this morning. Then motivation kicked in and I started sorting out all the ideas in my head from the night before. And now? Well, I have a hundred solutions for every possible outcome. I’m ready to face it, and most of it is solved.

Point being: Bad isn’t necessarily bad. We need that balance to appreciate life and to make changes and try new things. The bad can always lead you down a road to something better. Or just on a different road towards the same destination. Either way, you can’t run from the bad.

My adventurous life

Since I left Norway almost two years ago, my life has been quite an adventure. Almost like a fairytale.

Don’t get me wrong, my life has never been boring. I always have a thousand things to do, and whenever I’m ready to close one chapter I always have ten new to choose from. I’m spontaneous and restless and need to be fully occupied.

Back to Tenerife! My life changed in almost every way. For the first time I was truly happy. And happiness does something to you. It gives you a different kind of energy, a different perspective on your life and surroundings and makes you appreciate every detail on a whole different level.

It’s not the things making you happy. We have a lovely apartment with everything we need, living in the best weather in the world with summer all year. I’m spoilt with fancy clothes and expensive stuff I don’t really need. I go to nice restaurants, five star hotels and travel more than ever. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. But that’s not happiness. Happiness comes from within, and when you find that happiness, hold on to it, because that kind of happiness is what gives you everything else.

I’m incredibly lucky to have found this kind of happiness. This summer has been quite rough for me. It’s been so hard with long distance relationship and a lot of other things going on in my life. But I’ve been fighting my way through it all. I have found temporary motivation and joy the last few months, but right now everything is falling in to place.

You may think I’m just chilling on holiday, but if so you’re very wrong. I have spent the summer following my learning plan. I have made the exact progress I expected of myself. And I don’t stop there. Next week I’m starting a new bachelor degree. I have been working on a realistic plan for my future and now I’m just crazily excited to get started!


School is planned, holiday plans are in the making, and I’m working on so many secrets I can’t wait to share! If my life was adventurous these last couple of years, I can’t wait for the next. The future is mine, and I’m gonna make the very best of it.