A mothers nightmare

I hear her struggle. I see the tears. I feel the pain. And there is nothing I can do to help.

I try to be strong. Calm her down and comfort her. Assure everyone that everything is ok. Accept what the doctors decide, but still push them to do more.

Third day in the hospital and about to be released. Both the nurse and the pediatrician says she’s fine, that she can go home and that I shouldn’t worry.

What they don’t know is that I have had an almost 5 year long roller coaster with this child. Endless times of ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma attacks, croup, viruses, the list is endless. I know my child. I know her limits and I know her weaknesses.

Her temperature is up. Only by 0,6 degrees, but this is not how her body reacts when she’s getting better. I fight the doctors, try to make them see what I see.

A few hours later, panic hits our room and it fills up with nurses and doctors. She’s not breathing. I’m cold. Completely cold. Perhaps it’s my security background kicking in and clearing my head? Either way, I know exactly what to do.

They trust me now. Trust my judgement. They know now that I’m not a hysterical mum who can’t understand that the child has a normal cold. They understand that I know what I’m talking about, that I know more medical terms than most mothers do and that I’m able to see what my daughter needs and when. They let me in and hear me out when I suggest options for her medication.

I don’t worry easily. I’ve learned to see when I need to and when I don’t. And this time as well, my instincts were right.

The night comes and the struggle goes on. She wears a mask almost all the time now. And the biggest problem? We’re reaching the limit of how much medicine her little body can have. The doctors are working on a plan for when the limit is reached.

4am. Limit reached. She can’t have more of what kept her going through the past four days. She sleeps 10 minutes at a time before screaming for mummy, struggling to breathe. Plan B is on.

The morning comes and so does her doctor. She’s breathing better, her fever is under control and plan B worked. But we face a new problem. Her lungs are blocking – again.

I’m happy I’m stubborn. I’m happy I trust my instincts. What if we had gone home yesterday? What if the doctors didn’t trust that I know my child best?

More changes are made. Different medicine, different intervals, different treatments. The day is long. She’s tired, her body exhausted. I’m tired. Tired after almost a week without sleep, but also tired of feeling so helpless.

I can’t help thinking about all those parents who spend weeks and months in the hospital with their kids. Those who don’t have to worry about when they get to take their child home, but instead hoping that a day will come that they can. Those who fear the night every night, scared it will be the last.

I’m not gonna deny that this is hard, that I’m frustrated or that I’ve been scared. This situation is all of that. But I don’t have to be scared of never taking her home or her having a life threatening decease. We’re lucky.

Finally, we have it under control! For the first time since arriving she sleeps. I sleep. She plays, she laughs and she is without pain. Just another 24 hours of treatment ahead and we can most likely go home!

I feel relaxed now, I’m not worried anymore. This is not over, but it will be soon.

Tomorrow we get to go home as long as nothing new happens. Not back to normal, but at least home. We need a machine to help her breathe for a little while and she needs to be with me 24/7. We will see a specialist soon to look for possibilities to prevent this from happening again for a while.

Through all this I feel so incredibly grateful. For the doctors who trusted my judgment, for all the nurses helping her all week, but most of all for all the amazing people we are surrounded by on this island. Especially those serving Burger King on a daily basis. Thank you!



Daughter up for adoption

My daughter is 4,5 years old, she does not always respond well to commands, she does not really sit or roll round when you tell her either. She likes dancing and playing games, and she loves attention. Gets along well with other kids and pets. She has asthma and allergies, but is otherwise a healthy child. She will make you pictures and make you laugh, she goes to bed when told, but does not like wearing a collar when walked. Can anyone open their homes for this little princess?


Did you think I was being serious??

All I wrote about my beautiful daughter is however true.

About 10 months ago we rescued an amazing French Bulldog. He was her best friend and a true member of our family. He was sick when we took him in and we have treated him and given him the best life we could.

My daughter has severe asthma and is in and out of the hospital. A few weeks ago the doctor told us that it is absolutely not a good idea to have pets in the house with her as they believe it’s making her worse.

I started looking for solutions. I found him a nice home, but SOS Bulldog Canarias said it had to go through them as that’s where I adopted him. Eventually, after many rounds with myself and lots of advice, I decided we had to do it. We had to give him up for a new home.

Today was the day. I cried leaving him and made sure this event happened while my kids were in school. It didn’t take long before I found him on Facebook, where the organization was searching for a new home for him (even though I gave them the details about the one I already found).

I have no heart. I should not be allowed around animals. I should be banned from all places you can get a dog. I should be ashamed of myself. I should have never gotten him in the first place. He is my family, how could I just give him away?


I took him in, wanted to give him a great home. Nobody could have known this would affect my daughter the way it has. And we have tried everything.

If you had to choose between your daughter and your dog – WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Please share this post to raise attention both around dogs and other animals who are in need of new homes, but also to stop the big mouths of bigoted people who have no idea what they are talking about!

Time for Spanish!

I’m approximately 6% fluent in Spanish. Yeah, not nearly good enough. Last year I set a goal of learning basic conversational Spanish and I managed it. I love learning new stuff, but for some reason I find it difficult to learn languages.

In September my two beautiful little girls started Spanish school. Not even the teachers speak English, so I didn’t have a choice anymore but to use the little I know. And it has of course helped me learn more as well.

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to use the Duolingo app, only to find myself starting over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, this app is great! I just get bored. And quite frankly I have been way too busy to focus.

Since New Years my daughters homework has advanced. A bit too much for me! She has to read stories and answer questions about the text. I think it’s great, but I can’t keep up with my poor Spanish.


So it’s time to make a change! My good friend Tabira is gonna join me in the process and we’re going all in. We have hired a tutor to come twice a week, so now we have no choice. We have to learn!

Today is our very first class and I have to say I’m excited. Tabira has a crazy schedule changing every week, and also from day to day. And don’t even let me get started on mine. It’s gonna be quite a puzzle to synchronize the times, but luckily she’s pretty much as stubborn as me.

So, any tips as to how to learn Spanish in a heartbeat?

Day off?

The Spanish people love their holidays, and they got so many of them. To be honest I rarely even know what they’re about.

Recently we had one that was San Sebastián(?), at least that’s what I think. It was big celebrations around the island. Eventually I want my kids to be more engaged in all of this, but for now I’m trying to get used to it all.

Today is another holiday, not exactly sure why, but I think it was something about “virgo de candelaria”? I have no idea actually.

Anyway, it means a day off! At least for the kids. Sometimes I find it hard to entertain them on a day off. Especially when fever is involved and we can’t go anywhere.


Amelia has been working on some of her designs, done activity books, tidied her room and finished her homework in all her languages; English, Norwegian and Spanish.

Emine has been coloring in her books, practiced her writing and played with her dolls. She hasn’t been well this week and is actually still in her pajamas. To be honest, I never got out of it either.

What do you do with your kids on the public holidays?

The public holidays means nothing to my deadlines, so I’m gonna spend most of what’s left of the day doing some online work. In the meantime the kids are having a Spanish lesson in disguise -Disney movies in Spanish.

I’m so lucky to be able to always be there for my kids and schedule all my work according to them. I’m always available, and that was always my dream before I had kids – to not be a parent that gets to see them only for a few hours of dinner and homework, exhausted after a long day at work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always busy and often exhausted after the day, but I get to prioritize them. If you have that opportunity, take it!




Reality knockout 

Everyone has rough days sometimes, obviously. Last week was spent in the hospital and yesterday it was back to work and school. I was excited about it, but in for a surprise.

Going back to reality knocked me out big  time! I feel horrible, I have no energy or motivation and just want to stay in bed.

I go in waves, and when I go down it goes quickly. By the time I finished my day at work I was so exhausted that I was wondering how to even get to my car. I couldn’t bare the thought of everything waiting at home. Walk the dog, get the kids, cook dinner, clean up, take my girls to dance class, get everyone ready for bed, walk the dog again, work on the blog, the list goes on.

I don’t have time to be sick. I can’t skip work. I can’t fail my kids. Nothing on my to do list is optional, it’s simply what I have to do.

So how to get through this alone?

*Plan the day! Plan breaks to catch your breath. A break will also give you a fresh start

*Treat yourself! If you have a tight schedule, tell yourself that “when this is done I will have a coffee break”. Or a chocolate, a cigarette or whatever motivates you

*Laugh! During a rough day it’s hard, but if you look closer you will find something funny

*Eat! Food helps with everything

*Motivate yourself! Tell yourself it’s temporary, and that tomorrow will be different

*Move! When I feel bad I don’t wanna leave the house or even the sofa. But I find that just a short walk and some fresh air gives me a boost

*Vitamins! It helps with sickness, energy, sleep and pretty much run your body. I wouldn’t survive without my chewing ones from The Sunshine Empire!

*Ask for help! No matter if I’m sick or just in a bad mood there is one thing that helps every time: To call my boyfriend! Some compassion and sympathy is miracle medicine

We all have different ways to get through hard times whether it’s physical or psychological. But we get through it one way or another.

I’m exhausted and I feel sick, and now I have just gotten my boost from my boyfriend, had a chocolate and are gonna treat myself with an hour of TV before bedtime. Then I’m gonna tell myself that tomorrow is a new day and it’s gonna be better than this one.

Back to reality

Usually people are disappointed going back to reality with routines and duties. I used to be as well. But not anymore. I have really missed home and everything with it.

This holiday has been so fun, hard, crazy, sad, fantastic and long at the same time. The best part was of course visiting my boyfriend! Can’t wait till next time. 

Norway is always a little rough on me. I really don’t like it there, but at the same time I do. Does that make sense? This time we were so lucky with the weather and spent every day outside. I even got some color on my skin.

The journey home was long. First delayed and then an extra hour in the air due to bad weather. We landed in the rain, but happy to be back on our beautiful island.

Today it was back to reality, school and work. Luckily I had an easy start of the week, but I’m sure I will make up for that. 

I’ve also been to my favorite hairdresser Cristina, again! I go every two-three weeks and I’m wondering how I would survive without her. She’s so good at her job. If you’re ever in Tenerife, go find her!

The rest of the day was spent with unpacking, cleaning the house, tired kids, cooking dinner, watching Disney, shopping and homework. 

Now the house is incredibly quiet! I can’t decide if I should enjoy the quietness with a drink or get my lazy ass up and study. I guess a mix would work.

Pyjamas party

My oldest princess asked (read begged) for a sleepover party with her friends. I thought to myself “why not”? At the time I was convinced there was only four girls left in her class, so I suggested to invite them. She was super excited!

With invitations written and the parents informed I asked the school for the list of names to make sure I spelled them right. I was in for a surprise, not four, but six girls! Well, I promised.

So today we spent doing the last preparations. Balloons, food, masks and of course some other shopping.

My bestie Emma has of course been with us, and very helpful!

It has been a very girly night with Disney movies, doing pretend photoshoots, eating lots of sweets, dressing up and playing pretend.

One of the girls brought champagne (for kids of course) and they all think they’re partying for real getting “fizzy”.

We’re all having fun, although I’m starting to wonder how I’m gonna get all of them to sleep in their sugar high! Time will show, but this is truly one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.