Day off?

The Spanish people love their holidays, and they got so many of them. To be honest I rarely even know what they’re about.

Recently we had one that was San Sebasti├ín(?), at least that’s what I think. It was big celebrations around the island. Eventually I want my kids to be more engaged in all of this, but for now I’m trying to get used to it all.

Today is another holiday, not exactly sure why, but I think it was something about “virgo de candelaria”? I have no idea actually.

Anyway, it means a day off! At least for the kids. Sometimes I find it hard to entertain them on a day off. Especially when fever is involved and we can’t go anywhere.


Amelia has been working on some of her designs, done activity books, tidied her room and finished her homework in all her languages; English, Norwegian and Spanish.

Emine has been coloring in her books, practiced her writing and played with her dolls. She hasn’t been well this week and is actually still in her pajamas. To be honest, I never got out of it either.

What do you do with your kids on the public holidays?

The public holidays means nothing to my deadlines, so I’m gonna spend most of what’s left of the day doing some online work. In the meantime the kids are having a Spanish lesson in disguise -Disney movies in Spanish.

I’m so lucky to be able to always be there for my kids and schedule all my work according to them. I’m always available, and that was always my dream before I had kids – to not be a parent that gets to see them only for a few hours of dinner and homework, exhausted after a long day at work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always busy and often exhausted after the day, but I get to prioritize them. If you have that opportunity, take it!





Back to reality

Usually people are disappointed going back to reality with routines and duties. I used to be as well. But not anymore. I have really missed home and everything with it.

This holiday has been so fun, hard, crazy, sad, fantastic and long at the same time. The best part was of course visiting my boyfriend! Can’t wait till next time. 

Norway is always a little rough on me. I really don’t like it there, but at the same time I do. Does that make sense? This time we were so lucky with the weather and spent every day outside. I even got some color on my skin.

The journey home was long. First delayed and then an extra hour in the air due to bad weather. We landed in the rain, but happy to be back on our beautiful island.

Today it was back to reality, school and work. Luckily I had an easy start of the week, but I’m sure I will make up for that. 

I’ve also been to my favorite hairdresser Cristina, again! I go every two-three weeks and I’m wondering how I would survive without her. She’s so good at her job. If you’re ever in Tenerife, go find her!

The rest of the day was spent with unpacking, cleaning the house, tired kids, cooking dinner, watching Disney, shopping and homework. 

Now the house is incredibly quiet! I can’t decide if I should enjoy the quietness with a drink or get my lazy ass up and study. I guess a mix would work.