I love interior, and have to have it nice around me. Without I can’t relax. Back in Norway I have refurbished a couple of houses. I easily see solutions for how to change pretty much anything into what I like.

After moving here to Tenerife it’s been very different. All houses are rented out with furnitures, for a short time and it’s not allowed to change anything. Everything has felt temporary. Every time we buy something we think “what do we do with it if we move?”.

Now we got great news! We get to keep our apartment for as long as we want. Of course I went straight to ikea.com and making the first step of changes in our home, upgrading it to be more my style.


This used to be out livingroom with very empty walls and little personality. Here is the new look:


I had fun in the process and proved to myself that I’m very handy when I don’t have a man to do the dirty work for me. Seeing solutions, both simple and complicated is so much fun!

There is still some more changes to come, but it definitely feels like home now.




To be honest, I never really liked kids. Still don’t actually, with a few exceptions. But I love being a mother, even though it’s crazy! It’s complete chaos in every situation.

I’m a very spontaneous person, so the planning was the biggest change in my life. It still is. I’m still spontaneous, but at a completely different level. And now that my boyfriend is away for the summer I’m really getting the taste of life as a single mother and the puzzle of the daily hours is a bigger challenge.

People talk about all the sacrifices, that you have to grow up and can’t do whatever you want or be whatever you want anymore. I have never seen it that way. Yes, it’s more difficult to jump on a plane and just go somewhere, go out late at night or just say yes to an extra hour at work.

But I still feel like me and I still feel free, even more than before I had my little girls. I can still go out once in a while, I still do what I want, but I think what I want in life changed with their lives.

For example, I stopped drinking when I had them. I can still have a glass or two, but I haven’t been drunk even once since my birthday 7 years ago. Not because I see it as wrong to get drunk when you have kids or because I don’t want the hangover with them the next day. I simply don’t see the joy in it anymore. I still love to go out and dance through the night, but I can do that sober.

Sometimes I think people are overthinking. It’s too much pressure, too high expectations. The most important for me is that my girls are happy. And in order to be happy they need the basics (food, clothes, education etc), they need love and confirmation, but they also need to know what’s right and wrong, rules and limits every day. And I think I’m doing good!

I believe manners, moral and compassion are the most valuable characteristics in people and we should all have more of it. And I try to teach mine that.

I have two very polite, helpful and respectful little girls. Of course they have their outbursts, bad days and are testing limits, but they know right from wrong and at the end of the day that’s what’s important. The fact that they say “sorry” without being told to, says more about their moral than calling someone “stupid” during an argument.

Birthday prep

I’m so happy it’s weekend! Since it was Friday 13th yesterday my friend and I decided to spend the night together with dinner, wine and a scary movie.


Today I woke up full of fever and felt like doing nothing other than staying in bed. No time for that! Started the morning with ballet practice with my little ones before going shopping.

My friend Brynja is turning 30(!) so this is gonna be a crazy birthday weekend.


Nails done, outfit done, coffee done. A lunch and a nap later I will be ready for her big celebration!

My dear Brynja: I wish you a happy birthday and a great day and night!


Woke up to rain, rain and more rain again. I don’t understand how people can live like this, it’s so depressing! I can’t believe I used to live here either. But I guess it has to do with what you’re used to.


I lost my “making-a-fire” skills during my time in warmer countries. Every morning here I spend the first hour or so to actually get the fire burning. Then I sit and freeze for a while before I can get out of my pyjamas.

My little ones are going crazy, not at all used to staying inside all day. One of my closest friends and my girls godfather invited us out for a coffee.

Just what they needed, some quality time with their godfather and some ice creams fixes everything!

I have spent the whole afternoon preparing for my exams, so dinner was simple. I have to admit I have been missiny the norwegian frozen pizza, Grandiosa.


Now it’s almost bedtime again. I’m gonna crawl under a blanket in front of the fireplace, watch some stupid TV shows and get ready for a long day tomorrow.



Wenche bumped into my life almost ten years ago, and been my best friend in this entire world ever since. She has been there through all my ups and downs. Distance doesn’t matter, she’s always just a phone call away.

She is expecting a little boy this summer, and I’m incredibly happy for her and her boyfriend. I had the honor of being there and filming it when the test showed two lines. I’m pretty sure I felt the same joy they felt. I even have the pregnancy app running on my phone to make sure I don’t miss anything.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been planning a baby shower with her boyfriend and her friends.

She thought she was going to a barbecue with her family. Instead she came to a fully decorated party at her mothers house, beyond schocked that everyone was there.


Her mother made food for us all, we made a cake of diapers, everyone brought drinks and cakes, we had games and presents. Truly an amazing day!

We all shared so much through the years, and we had a nice trip down memory lane after years apart. Lots of tears, lots of emotions, lots of laughter and joy sums up the day.

Wenche, you’re gonna be an amazing mum and I’m so proud of you!

Photos by Caroline Prøven Brohaug – http://www.cabrophoto.com/

Lloret de Mar

About one hour from Barcelona there is a small city called Lloret de Mar. Popular for tourism, and could use some upgrades in my opinion. But I have to say that I like this city. We have been doing some sightseeing today, walking around in the small streets while my other half was at work.

Everything seems to be within walking distance. It was a cold, cloudy and windy day. We still went to see the beach.


My lovely boyfriend came to meet us for lunch. I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing. The fact that I have never been to a KFC or the fact that this is what we chose for lunch AND I loved it?


I’m proud to say that our sightseeing continued after he went back to work without getting lost and with no gps cheating.

After a few hours with walking and lunch, my girls found paradise! We did some shopping obviously.


Now we are tired after a long, but very nice day. Card games, movies and sweets coming up while we are waiting for Semir.

Get ready for Hot Summer Styles


What a crazy week! So many messages, notifications and questions as Brynja Nordfjord and Sammy Gold Banus are putting the last pieces together for “Hot Summer Styles” at Le Club Beach Club.

It´s a beautiful venue at the beach with huge sunbeds, food, drinks and a classy white style. Our team are building up a catwalk in the sand, and there will be competitions, photoshoots, models, fashion show etc.

All the sunbeds have been fully booked now, but don´t worry. This event is literally on the beach (and free) with easy access, so you are all more than welcome to join us.


With only four days to go to this fabulous event, I can feel my nerves shake a little. I´m no experienced model, I´m way to short for catwalks, and I have all the average flaws and worries like every other girl. To put myself out there like this is scary.

Yet I am excited. My beautiful daughters are gonna be there all dressed up with front row seats, I love the spotlight and Brynja is gonna make us all look absolutely fabulous while Sammy makes sure that every single person has the best day ever at the beach. I wish my other half could be there, but I know he is proud of me and supports me whether he is there or not.


Alfrun, Sarmite, Kamila, Dovile, Brynja and Hildur from the last photoshoot are also in the show, so is Ania Malys. They are all beautiful, big hearted girls. Everyone supports each other, stays positive and together we make a great team.

So now it´s all about getting ready. Making sure the hair is good, no broken nails, some squats and tanning, some sunshine booster drinks. Everything to absolutely nail it on Saturday. I can´t wait!

I will of course be posting some backstage teasers here in my blog during the show. In the meantime you can find more information about “Hot Summer Styles by Brynja Nordfjord” on Facebook, take a look at our sponsors Huna Gourmet and Hair&Beauty Lounge Fanabe, and GET READY for champagne showers and an amazing beach day!

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